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Welcome to Quality Assurance Structural Analysis Design Optimisation

TruePivot is a suite of Structural Engineering Software tools created to improve engineering productivity. Our goal is to apply the latest technological advances to the problems engineers face. We provide 3 cutting edge tools to structural engineers.

Data Aggregation 20,000+ Files Analysed

We use the latest big data analysis techniques to examine thousands of engineering calculation files. We use this analysis to identify patterns of engineer behaviour and in turn to identify when engineers make potential errors in their designs. We’ve run our analysis software on over 20,000 calculation files across many companies. To date we’ve found that 16% of calculation files can be improved by using the TruePivot’s software platform.

Having full visibility and transparency on the Quality of your Calculations means you will vastly reduce the chance of future re-design, re-checking and re-work. Are my dimensions correct? Can my design be easily constructed on site? Are the materials specified correct? Have I checked the worst case for every beam, column and foundation? TruePivot answers these questions and many more, allowing you to design with greater certainty.


Cloud Computing Brute Force Computing

The brute force computing model is changing a lot of fields, it’s behind Google’s successful language translation and has completely altered genetics research. The effect of very cheap cloud computing is beginning to have an effect on structural engineering. It’s now cost effective to iterate through thousands of different conditions, like concrete grade, tensile strength or shape in just a few seconds. Most of the outcomes will be unsuitable, yet with the right software it is possible to pick the most cost effective and materially efficient designs.

TruePivot has developed design simulation software that works online, via Amazon’s AWS cloud service. These are design optimisation products which can find the most cost efficient solutions for a structural design. With the power of cloud computing TruePivot's software can find the most cost optimised design for concrete beams and columns in seconds.

Design optimisation is the future of Structural Engineering, contact TruePivot today to arrange a trial.

Data Privacy Military Grade Protection

The protection of your data is our highest priority, we treat all client data with the utmost confidentiality. We combine Amazon Web Services (AWS) security protocols with our own powerful platform. With TruePivot, you can expect:

• All data encrypted using military grade 256-AES encryption.

• Data duplicated and stored in multiple world-class data centres.

• Files sent over a secure SSL connection, eliminating the possibility of an outsider gaining access to your data.


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From design quality to real - time structural analysis to cost optimisation, using new technology with proven engineering analysis techniques can bring huge benefits to your workflow.

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